Real Estate Closings & Title Company Lawyer in South Florida

Real Estate Closings

Real estate closings involve many steps and loads of paperwork. Whether you’re purchasing or selling a piece of real estate property, you need an experienced real estate attorney to handle the closing for you.

Don’t handle a real estate closing yourself, because you’re probably not experienced in real estate contract law. You need to be legally protected in case the buyer or seller files a legal dispute after the closing is completed. Real estate contracts must contain all the necessary provisions to ensure your security and protection in the deal.

Our real estate attorneys will prepare all the necessary closing documents from beginning to end. These documents include purchase agreements, disclosure statements, loan documents, title searches, escrow services, title insurance, and all other aspects of a real estate closing.

If the buyer or seller has their own attorney or real estate agent, we can work with them on your behalf. You won’t need to concern yourself with legal terminology or creating a closing contract. We’ll handle all of that for you, and then explain which contracts you have to sign and what they mean.

Our goal is to ensure a successful closing between you and your buyer or seller.

Title Insurance

It’s always a good idea to purchase title insurance when you purchase real estate. Any seller can deed a property over to a buyer, but that doesn’t mean their deeded title is any good. What if the title has tax liens or bank liens attached to it? What if the seller doesn’t have legal ownership of the property? Anyone can create a deed and notarize it, but that doesn’t make it legally valid.

It’s imperative that you always purchase real estate with title insurance. Title insurance guarantees that your deeded title is solid. A licensed title company or legal firm insures the title. If you come to us with a request to purchase title insurance on a property you’re buying, we will conduct a thorough title search on the property.

If any back taxes or liens are attached to the title, we will require you or the seller to pay them off. Once the back taxes and liens are paid, we will issue title insurance for the consideration amount of the purchase agreement. That means if the title is not free and clear of any problems after the insurance is issued, we will compensate you for any money that you lost on the property.

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