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Our family lawyers handle all types of family law cases, including cases involving child custody, child support payments, alimony, domestic violence, and divorce.


When two people get married, they never think it will end in divorce. Every married person assumes their marriage will last forever. That’s why they take vows to be with their spouse until death do them part. However, the realities of marriage can become unbearable for many couples. Marriages end for any number of reasons, such as infidelity, domestic violence, or irreconcilable differences.

Whatever the reason is for your divorce, do not handle it alone. Your spouse may already have hired an attorney because they may want to claim as many of your assets as possible. Or they might be trying to prevent you from claiming any of their assets.

You need an experienced divorce attorney to ensure you receive a fair divorce settlement. Don’t just give your spouse more than they’re entitled to. Fight for your rights now by hiring us to represent you.

Child Custody

When a judge is faced with a child custody case, they must decide which parent should receive full or partial custody of the child. Their decision will be based solely on the child’s best interests. If you can prove that your child would have a better life by living with you, then you might get full custody.

However, you will need to provide the court with evidence that proves you’re a better parent than your former spouse. For instance, if your ex-spouse was abusive, suffers from drug addiction, or has a criminal record, it’s easier to make a case for why they’re not the most suitable parent for your child.

Our child custody attorneys can help you present this evidence in family court. We’ll work hard to encourage the judge to side with you instead of your ex-spouse. Then you can enjoy more time with your child without having to worry about their interests being jeopardized.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a legal term that describes a situation where one family member or resident commits an act of violence against another family member or resident. The most common domestic violence cases involve spousal abuse, where a husband hits his wife or child.

There are laws which can protect domestic violence victims from the person who abused them. If someone in your family abused you, you can file for a protective order to keep that person away from you. The judge will outline how far away the accused abuser must stay away from you, whether it is 500 feet or 1,000 feet.

To make sure a protective order is filed and granted, hire one of our domestic violence attorneys to handle the process for you. We’ll present evidence to the judge about the violence you incurred, so they can make an informed decision on the details of the protective order.


When one spouse gives up their career to take care for their children in order to help the other spouse advance their career, the first spouse may be entitled to alimony payments from the second spouse. A judge will determine the amount and duration of the alimony payments.

If the first spouse will have trouble supporting themselves after a divorce because they were not the breadwinner in the family, then the second spouse must pay the first spouse enough money to enable them to live comfortably. In fact, they are entitled to receive the same standard of living they had before.

If you need to seek alimony from your spouse or defend yourself against an alimony demand, then hire one of our alimony attorneys. We have the experience and skill to fight for alimony if it is owed to you.

Child Support

If you have custody of a child that you had with your ex-partner, you are legally entitled to receive monthly child support payments from them. The amount of child support payments is based on the parent’s income and the percentage of the income that they are expected to contribute. The amount of a child support payment can be changed based on the economic circumstances or hardships that are experienced by the parent.

Do you need help to receive child support payments from your ex-partner? If so, then let our child support attorneys help you go to court and fight for the child support payments you deserve. There are strict laws surrounding child support, so your ex-partner has a lawful duty to pay child support after the order is granted in court. If they fail to abide by the order and do not pay the child support on time, they could end up going to jail. This is an incentive for them to pay their child support on time.

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